Thursday, July 8, 2010

Brand New Vinyl! 7"s, 12"s, Singles! JULY 8, 2010

Here is some more new stuff we've been playing.

Touch and Go: The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine '79 - '83 book (which is fucking awesome by the way)
Spectre Folk - Blackest LP
MV & EE - Sweetheart of the Nascar 7"
Television Personalities - Mum LP
Television PersonalitiesAnd Don't the Kids Just Love It
Birth Refusal/Cassis Cornutal LP
Commissaris Hjuler & Mama LP
Antena - Camino Del 2LP
Various - Good God! 2LP
Galbraith/Neilson/Youngs LP
Woods Family Creeps LP
Noah Howard - The Black Ark LP
Ola Podrida - Belly of LP
Disco Blaze - Jump Back LP
Deas/Spoono - split LP
Mountainhood - Death Pod LP
Sylvester Anfang II- Commune LP
Lightin Hopkins - Country Blues LP
J L Hooker - The Blues LP
J L Hooker - Folk Blues LP
Lucifer Rising The Music of Bobby Beausoleil LP
Uncle Tupelo- 89 - 93 An Anthology LP
Syd Barrett - Opal LP
The Secret Museum of Mankind - Ethnic Music Classics: 1925 - 48 LP
Flaherty/Nace - An Airless LP
Ramirez/MSBR - Negative LP
Paul Metzger - Uses of LP
Paul Metzger - Anamnestic
Sprits of Life Haitian Vodu LP
Steve Gunn - Sundowner CD
Pocohaunted/Robedoor 2 CD
Various - Rara In Haiti CD
Congade Los Hoyos - Carnival CD
Anchiskati Choir - Polyphonic CD

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